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Martin Reuter, Christian Montag






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Book Description

This ebook Neuroeconomics (PDF) represents one of the cornerstones of the series Studies in Neuroscience; Psychology; and Behavioral Economics. It is divided into eight sections; starting with an introduction to neuroeconomics followed by an overview of frequently applied experimental paradigms (games) in neuroeconomics research. Furthermore; it addresses the molecular basis of human decision making; environmental/situational factors; and social contexts influencing human decision making; as well as translational and developmental/clinical approaches to neuroeconomics. In closing; a paper on neuro-marketing demonstrates how knowledge from neuroeconomics research can be applied in “real life.” Culminating in an extensive methods section; in which eight different neuroscience techniques are introduced; the book offers an essential resource for researchers and practitioners; and may also be beneficial for graduate students.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xi
Neuroeconomics—An Introduction….Pages 1-10
Front Matter….Pages 11-11
Game Theory in Neuroeconomics….Pages 13-37
Front Matter….Pages 39-39
Hormones and Economic Decisions….Pages 41-66
Genes and Human Decision-Making….Pages 67-83
Monoamines and Decision-Making Under Risks….Pages 85-95
Front Matter….Pages 97-97
Decision-Making Under Uncertainty….Pages 99-111
Emotion Regulation and Economic Decision-Making….Pages 113-131
How the Experience of Time Shapes Decision-Making….Pages 133-144
Framing Effects: Behavioral Dynamics and Neural Basis….Pages 145-165
The Influence of Costs, Benefits and Their Interaction on the Economic Behaviour of Consumers….Pages 167-188
Front Matter….Pages 189-189
Individual Differences in Decision-Making: A Neural Trait Approach to Study Sources of Behavioral Heterogeneity….Pages 191-209
Altruistic Punishment….Pages 211-227
Front Matter….Pages 229-229
Brain SEEKING Circuitry in Neuroeconomics: A Unifying Hypothesis for the Role of Dopamine-Energized Arousal of the Medial Forebrain Bundle in Enthusiasm-Guiding Decision-Making….Pages 231-252
The Psychology and Psychobiology of Simple Decisions: Speeded Choice and Its Neural Correlates….Pages 253-292
A Neurocognitive Perspective on the Development of Social Decision-Making….Pages 293-309
Neuroeconomic Approaches in Mental Disorders….Pages 311-330
Front Matter….Pages 331-331
Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing….Pages 333-341
Front Matter….Pages 343-343
Skin Conductance Measures in Neuroeconomic Research….Pages 345-357
Electroencephalography: Current Trends and Future Directions….Pages 359-373
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)….Pages 375-397
Front Matter….Pages 343-343
Structural MRI: Morphometry….Pages 399-409
Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and Tractography….Pages 411-442
Molecular Genetics….Pages 443-461
Hormones….Pages 463-480
Eye Movements….Pages 481-502
Back Matter….Pages 503-511


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