Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function (8th Edition)

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Peter Vollhardt, Neil Schore


W. H. Freeman; 8th edition




1472 pages









Book Description

An organic molecule’s structure will determine its strengths and function, and Vollhardt and Schore’s Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, 8th edition (PDF), maintains the classic framework with a logical organization. The book places an emphasis on assisting chemistry students in comprehending mechanisms, reactions, and synthetic analyses, as well as their practical applications. The eighth edition includes a modified methodology that is based on teaching expertise to enhance student comprehension and develop skills in the area of problem solving. When paired with SaplingPlus, which is sold separately, students of science will have access to an interactive and fully mobile ebook, as well as interactive media features, well-respected Sapling tutorial style problems, and a unique pedagogically focused drawing tool. SaplingPlus can be purchased here.

Organization that is Easily Accessible While Maintaining a Traditional Format


  • The framework places an emphasis on the fact that the structure of an organic molecule is what defines how that molecule behaves, whether it be in terms of its physical behavior or in a chemical interaction.
  • NEW chapter-opening Learning Objectives, as well as the final sentence of each chapter Students receive a structure for their education that is provided through summaries, which outline the main ideas presented in each chapter.
  • An Early Introduction to Electron Pushing Arrows These arrows, which are presented in early parts and then reinforced in the margins throughout the text to assist students in keeping track of what is taking place in the reaction, are introduced early on.
  • Pay Attention to the Reaction Mechanisms
  • Synopsis of the Reaction Mechanism The reactivity of each main functional group is broken down and summarized in roadmaps.
  • NEW notes on important illustrations of mechanistic processes Bring to mind and emphasize the fundamental principles of mechanism.
  • The following chapter, entitled “Interlude: A Summary of Organic Reaction Processes,” provides a synopsis of the primary mechanisms that are responsible for the majority of organic reactions.
  • Students are able to better visualize mechanics with the use of animated explanations, which provide a moving image. The BRAND NEW PowerPoint presentations that have been designed for use in the classroom come equipped with built-in animations and questions that are suitable for in-class work or open response systems.
  • Problem Solving Skills and Strategy
  • NEW Recommendations highlight the procedures that students of chemistry will follow in order to learn about new materials and find solutions to significant difficulties.
  • The part titled “Worked Examples” may be found at the end of each chapter and is titled “Integrating the Concepts.” This section has a series of sample exercises that each have their corresponding solutions.
  • Within each chapter, there is an expanded version of the WHIP problem-solving strategy, along with tasks that have been solved. This serves as a framework for how students should approach problem solving: What, How, Information, and the Next Steps to Take
  • There is a wide variety of problems at the end of each chapter, including Chapter Integration Problems with step-by-step solutions, worked out solutions, Team Problems for collaborative learning, and Pre-Professional Problems in the style of the MCAT. All of these problems are designed to help students practice for the exam.
  • The face-to-face experience of watching an instructor work through an issue can be recreated through the use of ChemCasts. The tutors at Organic ChemCast demonstrate to the scientific students, using a digital whiteboard, the steps that are involved in solving crucial Worked Examples, while simultaneously teaching the ideas as they go along. The Organic Chemistry students’ opinions were taken into consideration when selecting the Worked Examples that are presented in the ChemCasts.
  • Applications in Real-World Situations and Visualizations
  • Real Life Boxes– Real Chemistry Conducted By Working Chemists
  • Discussions of the applications of organic chemistry in the fields of medicine, biology, and industry can be found in each individual chapter.
  • Students have an easier time visualizing the most important organic chemistry structures and concepts thanks to the animations in Sapling.
  • Really: entries in the margins highlighting strange and odd features of organic principles, with the goal of stimulating pupils’ interaction with the material
  • In contrast to rote memory, the use of graphical clues, animations, and models to assist college students in visualizing reactions to stimuli enhances understanding.
  • This new eighth edition has been updated and improved in all areas, including the inclusion of a significantly larger selection of high-quality online tools that are a component of a comprehensive and integrated online learning system.

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