Organic Synthesis (4th Edition)

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Michael B. Smith


Academic Press; 4th edition




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Book Description

This essential subfield of organic chemistry is covered using a methodology centered on reactions in the fourth edition of Smith’s Organic Synthesis (PDF). This eagerly anticipated revision, which has been brought up to date and made more accessible, provides a comprehensive foundation for graduate students who come from a variety of different backgrounds and have varying levels of prior knowledge. The goal is to equip these students with a critical working knowledge of basic reactions, stereochemistry, and conformational principles. This trustworthy site mixes molecular modeling knowledge, problems, and visuals in a novel way. It also offers reaction examples and homework problems culled from the most recent research in the field.

The organization of the ebook has been revised in the 4th Edition, and in order to better assist students and professors as well as accommodate key advancements in the area, some changes have been made. The first chapter provides a brief overview of stereochemistry, conformations, and fundamental retrosynthesis. The subsequent three chapters present an introduction to and a review of functional group exchange reactions. These are followed by chapters that discuss protecting groups; oxidation and reduction reactions; and reagents; hydroboration; and selectivity in processes. An individual chapter is devoted to the discussion of organic synthesis methodologies, and the remainder of the e-book is dedicated to the instruction of the reactions that are necessary to actually finish a synthesis. Carbon-carbon bond formation reactions employing both nucleophilic carbon reactions and electrophilic carbon reactions are discussed, followed by pericyclic reactions, radical and carbene reactions, and finally by electrophilic carbon reactions. All of the significant organometallic reactions have been combined into a single chapter for easier comprehension. In the end, the chapter on combinatorial chemistry was taken out of the chapter on strategies and moved to a new chapter entirely. This new chapter also contains beneficial and forward-looking content on process chemistry, green organic chemistry, and continuous flow chemistry.

Organic Synthesis, Fourth Edition makes extensive use of Spartan-generated molecular models, classroom-tested content, and helpful pedagogical features throughout the entirety of the textbook. These features, which include Chapter Review Questions and Homework Problems, are designed to assist students in their study and retention of the material. PowerPoint presentations and answer keys can also be found online for the convenience of supporting instructors.


  • Include instances of reactions collected from research published between 2010 and 2015 in the literature.
  • Contains brand new artwork in full color as well as new chapter content on process chemistry and environmentally friendly organic chemistry
  • Winner of the College category of the 2018 Textbook Excellence Award (Texty) presented by the Textbook and Academic Authors Association
  • Completely up-to-date and reworked throughout; divided into 19 chapters for a clearer and more adaptable presentation of ideas.
  • It provides helpful resources for learning and instructing, such as Chapter Review Questions and Homework Problems geared toward college students. Presentations of lectures and other information that can be helpful to trained course instructors



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Table of contents

Front Matter,Copyright,About the Author,Preface to the Fourth Edition,Preface to the Third Edition,Preface to the First Edition. Why I Wrote This Book!,Common AbbreviationsEntitled to full textChapter 1 – Retrosynthesis, Stereochemistry, and Conformations, Pages 1-60
Chapter 2 – Acids, Bases, and Addition Reactions, Pages 61-95
Chapter 3 – Functional Group Exchange Reactions: Aliphatic and Aromatic Substitution and Elimination Reactions, Pages 97-160
Chapter 4 – Acids, Bases, and Functional Group Exchange Reactions: Acyl Addition and Acyl Substitution, Pages 161-183
Chapter 5 – Functional Group Exchange Reactions: Protecting Groups, Pages 185-213
Chapter 6 – Functional Group Exchange Reactions: Oxidations, Pages 215-307
Chapter 7 – Functional Group Exchange Reactions: Reductions, Pages 309-418
Chapter 8 – Synthetic Strategies, Pages 419-482
Chapter 9 – Functional Group Exchange Reactions: Hydroboration, Pages 483-518
Chapter 10 – Functional Group Exchange Reactions: Selectivity, Pages 519-546
Chapter 11 – Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions: Cyanide, Alkyne Anions, Grignard Reagents, and Organolithium Reagents, Pages 547-603
Chapter 12 – Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions: Stabilized Carbanions, Organocuprates, and Ylids, Pages 605-657
Chapter 13 – Nucleophilic Species That Form Carbon-Carbon Bonds: Enolate Anions, Pages 659-742
Chapter 14 – Pericyclic Reactions: The Diels-Alder Reaction, Pages 743-800
Chapter 15 – Pericyclic Reactions: [m+ n]-Cycloadditions, Sigmatropic Rearrangements, Electrocyclic, and Ene Reactions, Pages 801-861
Chapter 16 – Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions: Carbocation and Oxocarbenium Ion Intermediates, Pages 863-915
Chapter 17 – Formation of Carbon-Carbon Bonds Via Radicals and Carbenes, Pages 917-980
Chapter 18 – Metal-Mediated, Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions, Pages 981-1023
Chapter 19 – Combinatorial and Process Chemistry, Pages 1025-1054
Subject Index, Pages 1055-1079
Disconnection Index, Pages 1081-1083


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