Patterns of World History: Volume One: To 1600

Download Patterns of World History: Volume One: To 1600 written by Peter von Sivers, Charles A. Desnoyers, George B. Stow in PDF format. This book is under the category History and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 195332881/9780195332889. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Peter von Sivers, Charles A. Desnoyers, George B. Stow


Oxford University Press; 1st edition




720 pages







Book Description

Patterns of World History: Volume 1: To 1600 provides a distinct framework for understanding the global past through the study of origins, adaptations, and interactions. This framework is offered in the form of a PDF document. Authors Peter von Sivers, Charles A. Desnoyers, and George Stow, all of whom are experts in their own fields, investigate the full scope of human ingenuity across time and space in a manner that is exhaustive, objective, and analytical.

Students are able to better recognize and comprehend patterns as a result of the following: ORIGINS – ADAPTATIONS – INTERACTIONS

The O-A-I framework is demonstrated through the following key features that can be found in Patterns of World History: Volume One to 1600:

* The section “Seeing Patterns” includes a list of important questions at the beginning of each chapter. These questions direct students’ attention to the 3-5 overarching patterns that are later revisited, considered, and synthesized in the section “Thinking Through Patterns” at the conclusion of each chapter.

* Each chapter includes a Patterns Up Close case study that brings into sharp relief the O-I-A pattern by using a specific concept or thing that has developed in human history (and helped; in turn; develop human history); examples include the innovation of the Chinese writing system or religious syncretism in India. Each individual case study makes it abundantly clear how an innovation first came into being, be it in a single geographic center or independently in several distinct centers. It demonstrates how, as people in the centers interacted with their neighbors, the neighbors adapted to the concept, object, or event, and in many cases were transformed by it. It also shows how the people in the centers adapted to their neighbors. The entire spectrum of human responses is included in adaptations, which can range from outright rejection to imaginative borrowing and, at times, even forced acceptance of a situation.

* Concept Maps are included at the end of each chapter. These are compelling graphical representations of ideas and information that assist students in remembering and making connections between the major themes covered in the chapter.


“Patterns of World History Volume One has established a new standard for excellence in the field of world history textbooks.” — Candace Gregory; University of Sacramento State

Students will find that “Patterns of World History Volume 1” is an excellent way to begin their exploration of the expansive field of world history. The use of the underlying concept of ‘patterns’ throughout the textbook is one of the book’s strongest points. Students of history find that recognizing these patterns gives them a deeper and more meaningful understanding of world history. It provides them with the tools necessary to understand how societies came to be, how those societies interacted with one another, and what caused changes in those societies. College students won’t have to wait long before they start “seeing patterns” thanks to the fact that the textbook offers an efficient and adaptable structure for instructors to use in motivating students to think, read, and write about world history. — Robert Bond; San Diego Mesa College


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