Photocatalytic Functional Materials for Environmental Remediation

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Alagarsamy Pandikumar, Kandasamy Jothivenkatachalam






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Book Description

A complete book on photocatalytic functional materials for the purification of the environment

Emerging technologies in the field of environmental remediation are becoming increasingly important as the demand for the removal of enormous volumes of pollution and contamination in air, soil, and water increases. Through the utilization of photocatalysis, harmful organic compounds are converted into mineralized products such as water and carbon dioxide. This eco-friendly technique has the ability to significantly contribute to the resolution of challenges related to environmental pollution. Photofunctional materials made from nanocomposite materials have a tremendous promise for environmental remediation as a result of their high performance, ease of production, low manufacturing costs, and long-term stability.

The research presented in the article “Photocatalytic Functional Materials for Environmental Remediation” (PDF) investigates the possibility of creating high-performance photo functional materials for the elimination of environmental pollutants.

In this current volume, major specialists in the domains of chemistry, physics, materials science, nanotechnology, and engineering contribute their thoughts on a wide variety of topics, which are then gathered together and reviewed. Both the foundations and applications of photocatalytic functional materials are covered in detail within chapters that are both precise and up to date. Applications such as the reduction of carbon dioxide and the destruction of organic pollutants are driving research into semiconductor-metal nanocomposites, layered double hydroxides, metal-organic frameworks, polymer nanocomposites, and other photofunctional materials. Bringing together experts from a variety of fields to discuss the use of environmentally friendly technologies in the remediation of contaminants in the environment; this vital work:


  • Provides an overview of environmental remediation from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Provides an in-depth analysis of current hot topics in the field of environmentally friendly technologies
  • Includes both theoretical underpinnings and practical implementations of technologies relevant to the field.
  • The elimination of environmental contaminants and pollutants through the innovative design and deployment of photocatalytic materials as a means of doing so is the primary focus of this study.
  • Offers a complete overview of the many photocatalytic materials that can be used for the cleanup of polluted environments, which is helpful for scientists and engineers.


This book is an essential resource for engineers, researchers, and graduate students in the multi-disciplinary fields of chemistry, physics, environmental science nanotechnology, materials science, and engineering that are related to photocatalytic environmental remediation. The book is titled “Photocatalytic Functional Materials for Environmental Remediation” (Photocatalytic Functional Materials for Environmental Remediation).

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