Principles; Practices; and Creative Tensions in Progressive Higher Education: One Institution’s Struggle to Sustain a Vision

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Katherine Jelly, Alan Mandell






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Book Description

In this multi-faceted case study of one advanced institution of adult higher education; the contributors and editors to the volume layout significant challenges facing not just non-traditional post-secondary colleges and universities but all organizations of higher education in today’s swiftly changing context. Competing that nontraditional institutions are especially challenged in these unsettled times; they argue that these organizations’ distinctive academic programs are among the most vulnerable in the landscape of higher education today.

The 19 essays that makeup Principles; Practices; and Creative Tensions in Progressive Higher Education; (PDF) highlight and examine main creative tensions; rich interplays of emphases and values in higher education; in order to clarify and address more intentionally the questions that we must address: Can we make constructive use of these tensions? And can we chart a course that will both respond innovatively to swift change and maintain a vision and the principles and purposes on which that vision rests? Can we recognize what is at stake? Taken as a whole; this volume cast light on the creative tensions and questions that can; with thoughtful attention; help to keep a substitute; progressive vision of adult higher education alive.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-ix
Introduction….Pages 1-25
Front Matter….Pages 27-27
Empire State College and the Conflicted Legacy of Progressive Higher Education….Pages 29-42
Conflict, Change, and Continuity….Pages 43-64
John Dewey, Constructed Knowing, and Faculty Practice at Empire State College….Pages 65-90
Front Matter….Pages 91-91
Is the Authority in the Dialogue? A Memorandum….Pages 93-109
Educational Planning at Empire State College….Pages 111-132
Interdisciplinary Education at Empire State College….Pages 133-147
The Cipher and Empire….Pages 149-163
Front Matter….Pages 165-165
“I Don’t Write, I Work”….Pages 167-181
A Progressive Institution Takes on Academic Support, 21st Century Style….Pages 183-200
On the Leading Edge….Pages 201-213
Inherent Tensions Within the Practices of Prior Learning Assessment at Suny Empire State College….Pages 215-240
Front Matter….Pages 241-242
Organizational Complexity in a Progressive Educational Environment….Pages 243-254
Technology Meets the Local….Pages 255-272
Family Feuds, Shotgun Weddings and a Dash of Couples Therapy….Pages 273-293
Growth and its Discontents….Pages 295-311
At a Crossroad….Pages 313-335
Front Matter….Pages 337-337
Empire State College….Pages 339-356
Current Technologies and Their Uses at Empire State College….Pages 357-374
Implications of Emergent Content, Experimentation, and Resources for Outcomes Assessment at Empire State College….Pages 375-391
Front Matter….Pages 337-337
Afterword….Pages 393-398
Back Matter….Pages 399-412


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