Problems and Solutions in Medical Physics: Diagnostic Imaging Physics

Download Problems and Solutions in Medical Physics: Diagnostic Imaging Physics written by Kwan Hoong Ng, Jeannie Hsiu Ding Wong, Geoffrey D. Clarke in PDF format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1482239957; 113854258X/9781482239959/ 9781138542587. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Kwan Hoong Ng, Jeannie Hsiu Ding Wong, Geoffrey D. Clarke


CRC Press




156 pages






1482239957; 113854258X


9781482239959/ 9781138542587

Book Description

This volume is the first in a sequence of three that studies Problems and Solutions in Medical Physics: Diagnostic Imaging Physics (PDF). It looks at common questions and the solutions to those concerns in the field of diagnostic imaging. It is recommended that this useful study guide be used in conjunction with other important textbooks in the area in order to provide extra opportunities for learning. It entails investigating X-ray, major imaging modalities, fluoroscopy, and mammography, as well as magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and ultrasound. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive review of mammography. To facilitate a better grasp of the material, notes, examples, and suggestions for further reading are included at the end of each chapter.



  • Provides assistance to teachers and lecturers in the process of creating assignments and exams
  • Bringing together different ideas, as well as assisting in the comprehension and implementation of theoretical principles in medical physics
  • Appropriate for use as a review resource for postgraduate students who will soon be taking examinations in oncology, medical physics, and radiology sciences.



“Problem-and-solution ebooks for medical physics courses are extremely uncommon, and as a result, professors at colleges and universities are frequently required to search through a number of ebooks in order to find appropriate exercises to give to their college students for the purpose of practice or for the purpose of assessment. In addition, they frequently end up writing such items themselves, which is a time-consuming process.

The book “Problems and Solutions in Medical Physics – Diagnostic Imaging Physics” by Jeannie Hsiu Ding Wong, Kwan Hoong Ng, and Geoffrey D. Clarke therefore fills a significant vacuum in the field of Medical Physics education, which many university professors would very much enjoy. The layout of the chapters in this ebook is quite similar to the structure of the curricula that is used for recognized diagnostic imaging physics courses at the majority of universities. The organization of the problems and the solutions makes it simple for students to follow, which makes the ebook a great resource for students to combine ideas that they have acquired in lectures and to review before exams. Students will learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to The authors avoid using terminology that is unclear or difficult, which makes the ebook quite acceptable for readers from a variety of different countries. Prof. Carmel J. Caruana, Ph.D., FIPEM is a member of the Accreditation Committee of the International Medical Physics Certification Board. She is also the Head of the Medical Physics Department at the University of Malta. Previously, she served as Chair of the Education and Training Committee of the European Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Content: PrefaceAuthor BiosContributorsChapter 1. Basic PhysicsChapter 2. X-Ray ProductionChapter 3. Screen Film RadiologyChapter 4. Digital RadiographyChapter 5. Image QualityChapter 6. MammographyChapter 7. FluoroscopyChapter 8. Computed TomographyChapter 9. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Chapter 10. UltrasoundChapter 11. Radiation Protection and RadiobiologyChapter 12. References


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