Retail Supply Chain Management (2nd Edition)

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James B. Ayers, Mary Ann Odegaard


CRC Press




464 pages









Book Description

Retail supply chain consists of multiple segments from sales to distribution to finance. Retail manufacturers rely on a complicated web of suppliers. Customer demand and market competition today requires extreme efficiency from end to end. This ebook; Retail Supply Chain Management; 2nd edition; (PDF) offers the retail supply chain executive with the tools needed for full strategic advantage. The new 2nd edition of Retail Supply Chain Management; gives special attention to recent challenges; such as vast technological change; higher levels of customer personalization; and more global supply chains.


Table of contents

Table of contents :
Content: “”Cover “”
“”Half Title””
“”Title Page””
“”Copyright Page””
“”Table of Contents””
“”Preface “”
“”Authors “”
“”Section I : The Retail Supply Chain “”
“”Chapter 1: Defining the Retail Supply Chain “”
“”1.1 More Than Stores “”
“”1.2 Defining Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management “”
“”1.3 The Importance of Customer Segments “”
“”1.4 Adding Value along the Chain “”
“”References “”
“”Chapter 2: Success in a Retail Business “”
“”2.1 Financial Statements and Analysis “”
“”2.1.1 Retailer Income Statements “”
“”2.1.2 Retailer Balance Sheets “”
“”2.1.3 Financial Analysis “” “”2.2 Merchandise Replenishment and Budgeting “”””2.2.1 The Importance of Replenishment Models in Retail Supply Chains “”
“”2.2.2 Merchandise Typesâ#x80
Staple versus Fashion “”
“” Staple or Functional Products “”
“” Fashion or Innovative Products “”
“” Merchandise Budget: An Example “”
“” Merchandise Budget Follow-Up “”
“”2.3 Online Retailersâ#x80
Inventories “”
“”2.4 Summary “”
“”References “”
“”Chapter 3: Types of Retail Supply Chain Businesses “”
“”3.1 Supply Chain Component Data “”
“”3.2 Retail Supply Chains in the United States “” “”3.3 Selected Supply Chain Company Returns “”””3.4 Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing “”
“”3.5 Summary “”
“”References “”
“”Chapter 4: A Changing World: Moving toward Comparative Advantage “”
“”4.1 Primer on Comparative Advantage “”
“”4.2 Concept of Distance “”
“”4.3 Applying the Framework “”
“”4.3.1 Revenue “”
“”4.3.2 Workforce Costs “”
“”4.3.3 Fixed Costs “”
“”4.3.4 Purchased Item Costs “”
“”4.4 Summary “”
“”References “”
“”Chapter 5: Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and the Retail Industry “”
“”5.1 CSR at Retailers “”
“”5.2 CSR Link to Strategy “” “”5.2.1 Link between CSR and Competitive Advantage “”””5.2.2 Private Companies and Social Issues “”
“”5.3 Framework for Classifying CSR Activities “”
“”5.4 Boots Ltd.â#x80
CSR/Financial Report Convergence “”
“”5.5 Summary “”
“”References “”
“”Section II : Forces Shaping the Retail Supply Chain Environment “”
“”Chapter 6: Drivers of Retail Supply Chain Change “”
“”6.1 Drivers Are Important “”
“”6.2 Innovation Driver “”
“”6.3 Extended Product Design “”
“”6.4 Globalization “”
“”6.5 Flexibility Imperativeâ#x80
The Ultimate Capability “”
“”6.5.1 Management Mindset “” “”6.5.2 Defining Needed Flexibility “”””6.6 Process-Centered Management “”
“”6.7 Collaboration “”
“”6.7.1 Definitions of Collaboration “”
“”6.7.2 Stage 3 (Multicompany) SCM “”
“”6.8 Know Your Drivers “”
“”References “”
“”Chapter 7: Paths to the Customer “”
“”7.1 Meeting Market Needsâ#x80
Dimensions “”
“”7.2 Procter & Gamble Case Study “”
“”7.2.1 P & G in 2006 “”
“”7.2.2 P & G in 2015 “”
“”7.3 Specifications for Supply Chain Design “”
“”7.4 Nature of Demand “”
“”7.5 Quality Function Deployment Tool “”
“”7.5.1 QFD Overview “”
“”7.5.2 Supply Chain QFD Example “”
“”7.6 Summary “”


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