SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines: A hands-on guide to provisioning Microsoft SQL Server on Azure VMs

Download SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines: A hands-on guide to provisioning Microsoft SQL Server on Azure VMs written by Joey D’Antoni, Louis Davidson, Allan Hirt, John Martin, Anthony Nocentino, Tim Radney, Randolph West in EPUB format. This book is under the category Computers and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1800204590/9781800204591. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Joey D’Antoni, Louis Davidson, Allan Hirt, John Martin, Anthony Nocentino, Tim Radney, Randolph West


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200 pages









Book Description

Gain an understanding of how to combine the analytical capabilities of SQL Server with the adaptability and hybrid connectivity of Azure to achieve the highest level of manageability and performance possible for your cloud database.

Principal Attributes




Gain a comprehension of the platform accessibility of SQL Server in Azure.


Learn more about the advantages and options for deployment that SQL IaaS provides.


Installing SQL Server on a Linux development environment should be familiar territory by now.




eBook Description

Working on complete versions of SQL Server in the cloud is now possible thanks to the ability to deploy SQL Server on virtual machines hosted by Azure. This eliminates the need to keep hardware on-premises. After providing an overview of the SQL portfolio in Azure and walking you through various SQL Server IaaS scenarios, the SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (PDF) document then moves on to describe the considerations you need to give when selecting an operating system to use with SQL Server in Azure VMs. You will search for various VM alternatives and deployment choices for IaaS as you make your way through the ebook. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of migration tools, platform availability, and best practices in Azure. You will learn how to arrange the storage so that you may achieve maximum performance in the last chapters of this guide. In the end, you will become familiar with the notion of Azure Hybrid Benefit and learn how you can apply it to increase the value of your existing on-premises SQL Server by maximizing its potential.

You will become an expert in administering SQL Server on Microsoft Azure and making use of the tools that are necessary for its implementation by the time you have finished reading this ebook.

What it is that you will pick up


  • Improve performance of SQL Server on Linux.
  • Discover how to create backups of databases on a URL.
  • Check the connectivity and latency of the network in the cloud.
  • Choose an operating system for use with SQL Server on virtual machines hosted by Azure.
  • Ensure that the storage is optimized for both performance and connection.
  • Investigate the many different solutions for disaster recovery offered by SQL Server in Azure.
  • Utilize the Azure Management Portal to make the deployment procedure more straightforward.




Who is the intended audience for this ebook (SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines)?

If you are a data enthusiast, a developer, or anyone else who wants to move SQL Server databases to Azure virtual machines, then SQL Server on Azure VMs is for you. You can use it if you click here. A fundamental understanding of SQL Server as well as managed identities for Azure resources will be advantageous.


  • Listing of Contents (Table of)
  • An Overview of the SQL Language
  • How to get started using SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines
  • Exceptional capabilities for SQL Server running on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Performance
  • SQL Server on Linux on Azure VMs
  • Transferring work to SQL Server hosted in Azure virtual machines
  • Hybrid scenarios




PLEASE TAKE NOTICE That this product only includes SQL Server for use on Azure Virtual Machines: A PDF tutorial with step-by-step instructions for installing Microsoft SQL Server on Azure virtual machines. There are no access codes contained within.


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