Goldman-Cecil Medicine (2-Volume Set)

Download Goldman-Cecil Medicine (2-Volume Set) written by Lee Goldman, Andrew I. Schafer in PDF format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1455750174/9781455750177. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Lee Goldman, Andrew I. Schafer






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Book Description

Goldman-Cecil Medicine has been the most prominent internal medicine resource in the world since it was first published in 1927. Your one-time purchase of the innovative 25th edition eliminates the need for you to maintain a membership in order to stay current with the latest information. This “living text” provides continuous updates that will integrate the most recent research; guidelines; and treatments into each chapter. This helps to ensure that the content is as up to date as it was on the day the first edition of this book was published. These updates are made possible by the new and more powerful Expert Consult eBook platform.

A genuine “Who’s Who” of contemporary medicine contributes to Goldman-Cecil Medicine, which provides decisive and objective counsel on the diagnosis and treatment of every medical disease. This dynamic resource is quite simply the quickest and best place to find all of the authoritative and up-to-date clinical answers you require because of its practical and straightforward writing style, its templated organization, the evidence-based references it contains, and its robust interactive content.

“The substance is excellent; it’s authoritative, and, not unexpectedly, it’s quite current.” Glycosmedia would like to thank Dr. Harry Brown for conducting this review. Month and year: July 2015



  • The Expert Consult eBook version is provided with the purchase of the print publication.
  • Get access to continual updates from the Editor, Lee Goldman, MD, who conducts in-depth assessments of internal medicine and specialty journals, updating online content to reflect the most recent guidelines, and translating research into treatment.
  • The interactive Q&A area includes more than 1,500 questions and answers organized in a board-style format to facilitate preparation for certification or recertification examinations.
  • These outstanding extra features include figures, tables, videos, heart and lung sounds, therapy and management algorithms, completely integrated references, as well as thousands of illustrations and images in full color.
  • Can I conduct a search of the entire book’s text, as well as its figures, extra material, and references, using any of the devices I have available to me at no additional cost? Access to Expert Consult is provided at no additional cost with this title!
  • Text that is highly templated, practical, and bulleted, and includes a variety of easy-to-use features such as flow charts and treatment boxes.
  • You will always be up to date with modern medicine thanks to the inclusion of new chapters on topics such as global health, the biology and genetics of cancer, and the role of the human microbiome in health and illness.
  • Guidelines that are based on the most recent data in medicine can assist you in arriving at a conclusive diagnosis and developing the most effective treatment strategies.
  • A concentrated look at the most recent breakthroughs in biology provides information on the particulars of contemporary diagnosis, treatment, and dosages of medications.
  • The go-to source for information at every point in your professional life! In addition to being an excellent teaching tool for residents, physicians, and students, Goldman-Cecil Medicine also serves as an invaluable resource for more seasoned medical professionals who frequently consult it.
  • Cecil is the best resource for internal medicine that has been accessible since 1927, and it much surpasses the competition in terms of its variety, simplicity of use, and most recent information.


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