Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: Volume 1: Care of the Critically ill or Injured Child (2nd Edition)

Download Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: Volume 1: Care of the Critically ill or Injured Child (2nd Edition) written by Derek S. Wheeler, Hector R. Wong, Thomas P. Shanley in PDF format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1447163613/9781447163619. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Derek S. Wheeler, Hector R. Wong, Thomas P. Shanley


Springer; 2nd edition




796 pages









Book Description

The second edition of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine is available in a portable document format (PDF) and spans three volumes, with main parts devoted to various organ systems. Each of the major sections is comprised of individual chapters that are devoted to doing an in-depth examination of the particular disease processes that are associated with each organ system. Every chapter comes to a close with a thorough list of references, as well as brief, succinct remarks that highlight references that are both “of interest” and “special interest.” Consequently, the ebooks are exceptional in both the breadth of pediatric critical care that they cover and the ease with which they can be utilized. As a result, they will be of use to both students preparing for pediatric critical care examinations and professionals who have already earned their credentials in this field.

P.S. Please find the PDF of Volume 1 attached here. There is also a volume 2 of this ebook available for purchase.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xxiv
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Pediatric Critical Care: A Global View….Pages 3-9
Pediatric Critical Care and the Law: Medical Malpractice….Pages 11-15
Architectural Design of Critical Care Units: A Comparison of Best Practice Units and Design….Pages 17-32
PICU Administration….Pages 33-40
Nursing Care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit….Pages 41-46
Scoring Systems in Critical Care….Pages 47-54
Pharmacology in the PICU….Pages 55-73
Telemedicine in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit….Pages 75-82
Quality Improvement Science in the PICU….Pages 83-99
Patient Safety in the PICU….Pages 101-106
Outcomes Research in the PICU….Pages 107-116
Resident and Nurse Education in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit….Pages 117-124
Epidemiology of Critical Illness….Pages 125-131
Ethics in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Controversies and Considerations….Pages 133-140
Palliative Care in the PICU….Pages 141-148
Evidence-based Pediatric Critical Care Medicine….Pages 149-156
Simulation Training in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine….Pages 157-166
Career Development in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine….Pages 167-173
Front Matter….Pages 175-175
Genetic Polymorphisms in Critical Illness and Injury….Pages 177-202
Genomics in Critical Illness….Pages 203-215
Front Matter….Pages 175-175
Signal Transduction Pathways in Critical Illness and Injury….Pages 217-229
Pro-inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Mediators in Critical Illness and Injury….Pages 231-238
Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Critical Illness and Injury….Pages 239-249
Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury….Pages 251-268
Front Matter….Pages 269-269
Post-resuscitation Care….Pages 271-289
Predicting Outcomes Following Resuscitation….Pages 291-297
Basic Management of the Pediatric Airway….Pages 299-327
Pediatric Difficult Airway Management: Principles and Approach in the Critical Care Environment….Pages 329-343
Central Venous Vascular Access….Pages 345-370
Shock….Pages 371-400
Acute Respiratory Failure….Pages 401-411
The Multiply Injured Child….Pages 413-431
Coma and Altered Mental Status….Pages 433-445
Interfacility Transport….Pages 447-456
Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome….Pages 457-473
Withdrawal of Life Support….Pages 475-480
Brain Death….Pages 481-495
The Physiology of Brain Death and Organ Donor Management….Pages 497-518
Front Matter….Pages 519-519
Respiratory Monitoring….Pages 521-542
Hemodynamic Monitoring….Pages 543-567
Front Matter….Pages 519-519
Neurological Monitoring of the Critically-Ill Child….Pages 569-578
Nutrition Monitoring in the PICU….Pages 579-601
Monitoring Kidney Function in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit….Pages 603-617
Front Matter….Pages 619-619
Principles of Mass Casualty and Disaster Medicine….Pages 621-636
Care in an Austere Environment….Pages 637-644
Agents of Biological and Chemical Terrorism….Pages 645-656
Pandemic Influenza….Pages 657-663
Pediatric Drowning….Pages 665-676
Heat Illness and Hypothermia….Pages 677-693
Toxic Ingestions….Pages 695-727
Envenomations….Pages 729-749
Back Matter….Pages 751-771

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