Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach (3rd Edition)

Download Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach (3rd Edition) written by Goran Koch, Sven Poulsen, Ivar Espelid, Dorte Haubek in EPUB format. This book is under the category Dentistry and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1118913493/9781118913499. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


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Goran Koch, Sven Poulsen, Ivar Espelid, Dorte Haubek


Wiley-Blackwell; 3rd edition




408 pages









Book Description

This is the third edition of Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach (ePub) eBook presents a clinical method that is unmatched in its simplicity, clarity, and breadth of coverage for the treatment of dental issues in children and adolescents.


  • Integrated with a companion website that contains interactive questions for self-evaluation
  • Contains three brand new chapters on child abuse, neglected children, as well as genetics and ethics.
  • Provides a comprehensive treatment of the scientific, clinical, and social issues that are associated with pediatric dentistry
  • Comprehensively redesigned and brought up to date, the new third edition places a greater emphasis on care that is supported by evidence.
  • Pedodontic endodontics is now split into two chapters: one focuses on primary teeth, while the other concentrates on juvenile permanent teeth.



Note that this package only contains the ePub and PDF versions of the book. There is no accompanying online access code.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Table of Contents

About the Editors, vii

Contributors, viii

Preface to the Second Edition, xi

Preface to the Third Edition, xii

About the Companion Website, xiii

1 Pediatric Oral Health and Pediatric Dentistry: The Perspectives, 1
Sven Poulsen, Göran Koch, Ivar Espelid, and Dorte Haubek

2 Growth and Pubertal Development, 4
Anders Juul, Sven Kreiborg, and Katharina M. Main

3 Child and Adolescent Psychological Development, 15
Anders G. Broberg and Gunilla Klingberg

4 Tooth Development and Disturbances in Number and Shape of Teeth, 28
Göran Koch, Irma Thesleff, and Sven Kreiborg

5 Eruption and Shedding of Teeth, 40
Göran Koch, Sven Kreiborg, and Jens O. Andreasen

6 Dental Fear and Behavior Management Problems, 55
Gunilla Klingberg and Kristina Arnrup

7 Case History and Clinical Examination, 66
Sven Poulsen, Hans Gjørup, and Dorte Haubek

8 Radiographic Examination and Diagnosis, 75
Hanne Hintze and Ivar Espelid

9 Pain, Pain Control, and Sedation, 87
Gro Haukali, Stefan Lundeberg, Birthe Høgsbro Østergaard, and Dorte Haubek

10 Dental Caries in Children and Adolescents, 102
Marit Slåttelid Skeie, Anita Alm, Lill -Kari Wendt, and Sven Poulsen

11 Caries Prevention, 114
Göran Koch, Sven Poulsen, Svante Twetman, and Christina Stecksén ]Blicks

12 Diagnosis and Management of Dental Caries, 130
Annika Julihn, Margaret Grindefjord, and Ivar Espelid

13 Dental Erosion, 161
Ann-Katrin Johansson, Inga B. Arnadottir, Göran Koch, and Sven Poulsen

14 Periodontal Conditions, 174
Bengt Sjödin and Dorte Haubek

15 Oral Soft Tissue Lesions and Minor Oral Surgery, 193
Göran Koch and Dorte Haubek

16 Endodontic Management of Primary Teeth, 207
Monty S. Duggal and Hani Nazzal

17 Pulp Therapy of Immature Permanent Teeth, 215
Hani Nazzal and Monty S. Duggal

18 Traumatic Dental Injuries: Examination, Diagnosis, and Immediate Care, 227
Eva Fejerskov Lauridsen, Simon Storgård Jensen, and Jens O. Andreasen

19 Traumatic Dental Injuries: Follow ]Up and Long ]Term Prognosis, 248
Eva Fejerskov Lauridsen, Simon Storgård Jensen, and Jens O. Andreasen

20 Developmental Defects of the Dental Hard Tissues and their Treatment, 261
Ivar Espelid, Dorte Haubek and Birgitta Jälevik

21 Occlusal Development, Malocclusions, and Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics, 291
Bengt Mohlin, Anna Westerlund, Maria Ransjö, and Jüri Kurol

22 Temporomandibular Disorders, 309
Tomas Magnusson and Martti Helkimo

23 Children with Chronic Health Conditions: Implications for Oral Health, 316
Göran Dahllöf, Pernille Endrup Jacobsen, and Luc Martens

24 Dental Care for the Child and Adolescent with Disabilities, 334
Gunilla Klingberg, June Nunn, Johanna Norderyd, and Pernille Endrup Jacobsen

25 Genetics in Pediatric Dentistry, 351
Sven Kreiborg, Flemming Skovby, and Irma Thesleff

26 Child Abuse and Neglect: The Dental Professionals’ Role in Safeguarding Children, 362
Göran Dahllöf, Therese Kvist, Anne Rønneberg, and Birgitte Uldum

27 Ethics in Pediatric Dentistry, 371
Gunilla Klingberg, Ivar Espelid, and Johanna Norderyd

Index, 377

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