Social Marketing in Action: Cases from Around the World

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Debra Z. Basil, Gonzalo Diaz-Meneses, Michael D. Basil






462 pages






3030130193; 3030130207


9783030130190/ 9783030130206

Book Description

Students are provided with real-life examples of social marketing case research from a variety of nations and regions all over the world within the “Social Marketing in Action” (PDF) textual content, which helps to transition students from classroom theory to practical application. The primary objective is to clearly illustrate to advertising students distinct; identifiable steps that are very important for successful social advertising campaigns. This will be accomplished by painting a picture in as much detail as possible. The essential social advertising practices are utilized to every case in an effort to assist students understand social advertising guidelines and implement them into their very own actual world social advertising activities with the intention of having an effect on constructive social change.

This book begins by providing the tools that are necessary to comprehend the effective application of social advertising. It then presents 24 case studies that illustrate successful social advertising efforts from all over the world. To be more specific, the following five chapters make up Part I, which provides a condensed and understandable explanation of the rules governing social advertising:



  • Theories that are implemented in social marketing


  • Research That Is Both Formative and Critical


  • The fundamentals of social advertising; professional responsibility


  • An examination of social advertising from a historical perspective


  • Upstream versus downstream social advertising; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; competitors


The application of social advertising rules is demonstrated in Part II through the use of a total of 24 case studies on social advertising. Every one of the 24 events follows a standard format, which consists of the following:


  • SWOT


  • Research


  • The 4 P’s


  • Objectives


  • Evaluation


  • Positioning


  • Discussion


  • Competition


  • Background


  • Target viewers


  • Challenges as well as potential benefits


Because of this structure, lecturers and college college students are able to select particular person circumstances and evaluate them to one one more in an efficient and straightforward manner. This textbook also makes it possible for instructors to foster critical thinking in their students by having them compare and contrast not only the scenarios presented, but also the applications that were utilized. In addition, there are teaching guides available that include answers to the discussion questions, suggestions for activities that can be done both inside and outside of the classroom, and additional readings that can be used to assist instructors in teaching from this book.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE That the only component of this product is the PDF version of the ebook titled “Social Marketing in Action: Cases from Around the World.” There are no access codes contained within.

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xxix
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
The Big Picture in Social Marketing (Debra Z. Basil)….Pages 3-21
The Fundamentals of Social Marketing (Debra Z. Basil)….Pages 23-44
Research and Evaluation in Social Marketing (Michael D. Basil)….Pages 45-57
Theory in Social Marketing (Michael D. Basil)….Pages 59-78
A Brief History of Social Marketing (Gonzalo Diaz-Meneses, Michael D. Basil)….Pages 79-89
Front Matter ….Pages 95-95
Fun Ways to Engage with Rail Safety Through the Dumb Ways to Die Social Marketing Campaign (Jennifer Algie, Nicole Mead)….Pages 93-110
The Second Life of Food: When Social Marketing Bridges Solidarity and Waste Prevention (Ksenia Silchenko, Federica Simonetti, Giacomo Gistri)….Pages 111-126
The Bank of Cancer Research: Applying Social Marketing to Provide Sustainable Funding for Cancer Research (Peter Vitartas, Nicholas Shipley, Aaron March)….Pages 127-139
VCW for Social Impact in a Developing Country: Personal Development and Entrepreneurship in a Leadership Academy (Carlos Reis-Marques, Luís Filipe Lages, Valentine Vix Caminati)….Pages 141-162
Operation Red Nose: Providing a Safe Holiday Ride and Raising Money for Charity Through Social Marketing (Katherine C. Lafreniere, Katharine Howie)….Pages 163-174
Social Marketing for the Reduction of Tax Evasion: The Case of Electronic Invoicing in Portugal (Beatriz Casais, Marisa R. Ferreira, João F. Proença)….Pages 175-186
Worn Wear: Better than New—How Patagonia’s Social Marketing Campaign Enhances Consumers’ Responsible Behavior (Nina Bürklin)….Pages 187-201
Front Matter ….Pages 211-211
Inculcating the Handwashing Habit Through Social Marketing Among Poor Children in India (Dinesh Kumar, Punam Gupta)….Pages 205-219
Social Marketing Campaigns for Healthier Eating Habits in France: VIF and “LES BONNES PORTIONS” (The Right Portions) Campaign Against Childhood Obesity (Patricia Gurviez, Sandrine Raffin)….Pages 221-236
Smile Train India: A Social Marketer Targeting Cleft Lip/Palate as a Socio-Medical Issue (Sivakumar Alur)….Pages 237-246
Enhancing Existing Communication Channels for Large-Scale Health Interventions: Making Every Contact Count in the United Kingdom (Katherine C. Lafreniere, Andy McArthur)….Pages 247-256
Saving Lives Through Lifebuoy’s “Help a Child Reach 5” Social Marketing Campaign (Sonal Kureshi, Sujo Thomas)….Pages 257-269
Behavior Change and Nutrition Education for Teenagers: Nestlé Social Marketing “Healthy Kids Programme” in India (Andrei Tiganas, Anamaria Boghean, José Luis Vázquez)….Pages 271-282
Using Social Marketing to Promote Handwashing with Soap for a Healthier Vietnam (Hoang Minh Doan, Van Dao Truong)….Pages 283-295
Front Matter ….Pages 307-307
Using Social Marketing to Increase Bicycle Ridership to Major Events in Vancouver, Canada (Katherine C. Lafreniere, Debra Z. Basil)….Pages 299-310
Akureyri on the Verge: Carbon Neutral and Beyond Through Targeted Social Marketing (G. Scott Erickson)….Pages 311-326
Vancouver Aquarium and World Wildlife Foundation’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup: Increasing Volunteerism by Targeting Social Networks (Katherine C. Lafreniere, Michael D. Basil)….Pages 327-338
A Community-Based Social Marketing Anti-littering Campaign: Be the Street You Want to See (Mine Üçok Hughes, Will McConnell, Stephen Groner)….Pages 339-358
The Coulee Clean-Up: A Social Marketing Program for Litter Pickup in Lethbridge, Canada (Katherine C. Lafreniere, Debra Z. Basil)….Pages 359-377
Applying Social Marketing to Koala Conservation: The “Leave It” Pilot Program (Patricia David, Bo Pang, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele)….Pages 379-390
Front Matter ….Pages 403-403
Co-creating a Sea Change Social Marketing Campaign for Ocean Literacy in Europe: A Digital Interactive Tool for Environmental Behavior Change (Christine Domegan, Patricia McHugh, Veronica McCauley, Kevin Davison)….Pages 393-409
Enhancing Health by Means of Massive Open Online Courses (Gonzalo Diaz-Meneses)….Pages 411-431
Use of Social Marketing to Improve Science Teaching in Maharashtra, India: 2014–18 (Sameer Deshpande)….Pages 433-446
A Case of Co-created Social Marketing Campaign: The Spanish Ana Bella Social School for Women’s Empowerment (Yolanda Díaz-Perdomo, Luis I. Álvarez-González, M. José Sanzo-Pérez)….Pages 447-462

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