Strength in Numbers: The Rising of Academic Statistics Departments in the U. S.

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Book Description

A relatively recent development is the organization of statistical science into formal academic departments. The majority of departments that deal with statistics and biostatistics have only been established during the last 60 years, with a few notable exceptions. Strength in Numbers: The Ascent of Statistics in the Academic World The book Departments in the United States (PDF) is made up of a collection of memoirs; there is one for each department in the United States that was established by the mid-1960s. The memoirs discuss important facets of the history of the department, including its beginnings, its expansion, the key figures in its evolution, its many triumphs (such as significant research accomplishments), and its infrequent setbacks; PhD graduates who have made a significant contribution; the department’s influence on statistical education; and a synopsis of where the department is at in the present day and where it sees itself heading in the future. Learn all about the origins of departments like those at Chicago, Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford, as well as how they developed into the successful institutions they are today by reading this article. It is anticipated that academics working in the topic of disciplinary history will find the ebook to be of interest.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xvi
Statistics as an Academic Discipline….Pages 1-7
Carnegie Mellon University Statistics Department….Pages 9-26
Columbia University Statistics….Pages 27-38
Biometrics and Statistical Science at Cornell….Pages 39-50
The Florida State University Statistics Department….Pages 51-63
The Department of Statistics at The George Washington University….Pages 65-76
Harvard University Department of Biostatistics….Pages 77-90
55 Years of Harvard Statistics: Stories, Snapshots, and Statistics….Pages 91-109
Iowa State University Statistics Department….Pages 111-127
Johns Hopkins University Department of Biostatistics….Pages 129-141
Kansas State University Department of Statistics….Pages 143-153
Michigan State University Department of Statistics and Probability….Pages 155-168
North Carolina State University Department of Statistics….Pages 169-185
Oregon State University Statistics Department….Pages 187-197
Penn State University Department of Statistics….Pages 199-214
Princeton University Department of Statistics (1965–1985)….Pages 215-227
Purdue Statistics: A Journey Through Time….Pages 229-242
Rutgers University Department of Statistics and Biostatistics….Pages 243-256
Southern Methodist University Department of Statistical Science….Pages 257-268
Stanford University Department of Statistics….Pages 269-283
SUNY at Buffalo Department of Statistics….Pages 285-299
Texas A&M Department of Statistics….Pages 301-316
A Brief History of the Statistics Department of the University of California at Berkeley….Pages 317-338
University of Chicago Department of Statistics….Pages 339-351
University of Connecticut Department of Statistics….Pages 353-367
University of Florida Department of Statistics….Pages 369-379
University of Georgia Department of Statistics….Pages 381-393
University of Iowa Department of Statistics….Pages 395-405
University of Michigan Department of Biostatistics….Pages 407-418
University of Minnesota School of Statistics….Pages 419-428
University of Missouri Department of Statistics….Pages 429-441
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Department of Statistics and Operations Research….Pages 443-452
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Biostatistics….Pages 453-468
University of Pennsylvania Department of Statistics….Pages 469-484
University of Pittsburgh Departments of Biostatistics and Statistics….Pages 485-496
University of Washington Department of Biostatistics….Pages 497-509
University of Washington Department of Statistics….Pages 511-524
University of Wisconsin Department of Statistics….Pages 525-536
Virginia Tech Department of Statistics….Pages 537-546
Yale University Department of Statistics….Pages 547-559
Back Matter….Pages 561-561

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