The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook (7th Edition)

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Susan Greene, Melanie C. L. Martel


Cengage Learning; 7th edition




332 pages









Book Description

Offering concise coverage of essential job-hunting and career strategies; this flexible guidebook can supplement any business course or serve as the foundation for a career development class. The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook; 7th Edition (PDF) focuses on real-world applications through experiential exercises and hands-on activities that provide a comprehensive “how-to” for anyone beginning a job search. It delivers practical advice in a straightforward style along with action-oriented examples that can easily be followed. College students are taught to look beyond traditional resources like classified ads to find potential employers. For example; this seventh edition includes a new; information-packed chapter on using social networks such as Facebook; LinkedIn; and Twitter in the job search.

As in previous editions; the textbook offers many samples of job-hunting tools; such as resumes and cover letters from a wide variety of career fields. Students can use these samples as virtual templates; substituting their own information into the established format. Throughout every chapter is the heavy emphasis on employing the latest technologies and online tools at every phase of the job hunt. The techniques covered in The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook 7e will prove useful to graduating students as they embark on their new career and in years to come as they progress in their chosen profession.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Half Title
Contents in Brief
Part One: Develop Your Strategy
Ch 1: Planning Your Job Search
Ch 1: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 1: Chapter Preview
Ch 1: Key Takeaway
Job Search Step One: Develop Your Strategy
Job Search Step Two: Create Your Job Hunting Tools
Job Search Step Three: Search for Employers
Job Search Step Four: Land the Job
Frequently Asked Questions
Ch 1: Case Studies in Success
Ch 2: Conducting a Self-Assessment
Ch 2: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 2: Chapter Preview
Ch 2: Key Takeaway
Know Yourself
Choose the Right Job for You
Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Assessment
Ch 2: Case Studies in Success
Ch 3: Researching Careers
Ch 3: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 3: Chapter Preview
Ch 3: Key Takeaway
Make Job Hunting Your New Job
Organizational Tools for Job Hunters
Managing Your Job Hunting Files, Documents, and Notes
Managing Your Attitude during the Job Hunt
Narrowing Your Options
Focus and Refocus—Setting Career Goals
Frequently Asked Questions about Researching Careers
Ch 3: Case Studies in Success
Part Two: Create Your Job Hunting Tools
Ch 4: Preparing Your Résumé
Ch 4: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 4: Chapter Preview
Ch 4: Key Takeaway
How to Write a Résumé
Types of Résumés
What to Do about Gaps in Your Job History
FAQs for Experienced Job Hunters
Résumé Alternatives
Résumé Software
How to E-mail Your Résumé
Ch 4: Case Studies in Success
Ch 5: Writing Cover Letters
Ch 5: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 5: Chapter Preview
Ch 5: Key Takeaway
Elements of the Cover Letter
The Write Stuff
An Old Marketing Trick: Use a P.S. to Make Your Case
E-mail versus Postal Mail
Types of Cover Letters
How to Begin Your Cover Letter
Sample Cover Letters
Frequently Asked Questions about Cover Letters
Ch 5: Case Studies in Success
Ch 6: Obtaining References
Ch 6: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 6: Chapter Preview
Ch 6: Key Takeaway
References Available Upon Request
Frequently Asked Questions about Obtaining References
Ch 6: Case Studies in Success
Ch 7: Building a Portfolio, Personal Website, or Blog
Ch 7: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 7: Chapter Preview
Ch 7: Key Takeaway
Assemble a Portfolio
What Should a Portfolio Contain?
Frequently Asked Questions about Portfolios and Personal Websites
Consider Starting a Blog
Ch 7: Case Studies in Success
Part Three: Search for Employers
Ch 8: Finding Opportunities
Ch 8: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 8: Chapter Preview
Ch 8: Key Takeaway
Start by Networking
Make Contacts at Job Fairs
Research Potential Employers
Frequently Asked Questions about Finding Employers
Ch 8: Case Studies in Success
Ch 9: Using Social Media in Your Job Search
Ch 9: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 9: Chapter Preview
Ch 9: Key Takeaway
Who Knows You?
Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media
Ch 9: Case Studies in Success
Ch 10: Considering Non-traditional Options
Ch 10: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 10: Chapter Preview
Ch 10: Key Takeaway
Working for a Small Company
Working for a Nonprofit Organization
Working for the Federal Government
Frequently Asked Questions about Federal Jobs
Starting Your Own Business
Taking a Different Job Path
Further Education
Ch 10: Case Studies in Success
Ch 11: Job Hunting in Tough Times
Ch 11: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 11: Chapter Preview
Ch 11: Key Takeaway
Entry-Level Positions
Part-Time Jobs
Get Hired by Trial
Frequently Asked Questions about Freelancing
Working in a Related Position
Volunteer Work
Ch 11: Case Studies in Success
Part Four: Land the Job
Ch 12: Filling Out Job Applications
Ch 12: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 12: Chapter Preview
Ch 12: Key Takeaway
The Application Form
Completing the Application Form
Typical Application Questions
Hints for Online Job Applications
Frequently Asked Questions about Completing Employment Applications
Ch 12: Case Studies in Success
Ch 13: Interviewing
Ch 13: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 13: Chapter Preview
Ch 13: Key Takeaway
Preparation: The Key to Interview Success
Before the Interview
During the Interview
After the Interview
Nontraditional Ways to Get an Interview
Reasons for Unsuccessful Interviews
Handling Rejection
Ask for What You Want
Frequently Asked Questions about Interviewing
Ch 13: Case Studies in Success
Ch 14: Evaluating Job Offers
Ch 14: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 14: Chapter Preview
Ch 14: Key Takeaway
Choose the Best Job for You
Negotiate Your Salary
The End Is in Sight
Frequently Asked Questions about Evaluating Job Offers
Ch 14: Case Studies in Success
Ch 15: Learning Your New Job
Ch 15: Assess Your Knowledge
Ch 15: Chapter Preview
Ch 15: Key Takeaway
Preparing for Your New Job
Your First Few Days on the Job
Your First Few Weeks on the Job
Your First Year on the Job
Tips for Working with Your Manager
Managing Relationships on the Job
Finding a Mentor
Frequently Asked Questions about Mentors
The Importance of Staying Current
How You Will Be Evaluated
Advice from Those Who Have Made It
Ch 15: Case Studies in Success
Answer Key


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