Paperback vs hardcover what is the difference?

What is the difference between a paperback and a hardcover book and what are the pros and cons? That is a question we often hear at Bookspot. That is why we have listed this for you.   What is a paperback? Paperback (softcover) is a book with a soft cardboard cover. With paperback books, the pages are glued individually or per bundle in the cover (also called spine) of the book.  What is a hard cover? A hardcover (hardback) is a book with a hard cover, usually made of cardboard, but sometimes also with fabric or leather. With hardcover books, the pages per bundle...

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What is the order of the Game of Thrones books?

Due to the enormous popularity of the Game of Thrones (The Song of Ice and Fire) series, the books are also hard to come by. We are increasingly asked the question: What is the right order to read the Game of Thrones book series? That is why we have listed the correct order for you: The Song of Ice and Fire - Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. (Introduction)The Game of Thrones . The Battle of the Kings . A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow . A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold . A feast for crows . A Dance with Dragons: Old Feuds, New Struggles. A Dance with Dragons: Swords Against Dragons . ...

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Cover Reveal : The Voice of the Sea

What a great honor, Storm Publishers has asked us to participate in this amazing cover reveal. From a new trilogy in the genre Dystopia YA.In recent days, several bloggers have already revealed parts of the cover of the new trilogy by Mara Li, and today it's our turn to show a part, Read on if you're as curious as we are . Last Monday showed  the first puzzle pieces. Tuesday was allowed to show the second puzzle piece. And today it is our turn.:D But first a quote from Storm Publishers about Mara Li Mara LicMarieke Veringa (1987) has been writing and creating stories from an...

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