Cover Reveal : The Voice of the Sea

What a great honor, Storm Publishers has asked us to participate in this amazing cover reveal. From a new trilogy in the genre Dystopia YA.
In recent days, several bloggers have already revealed parts of the cover of the new trilogy by Mara Li, and today it's our turn to show a part, Read on if you're as curious as we are .

Last Monday showed  the first puzzle pieces. Tuesday was allowed to show the second puzzle piece. And today it is our turn.:D

But first a quote from Storm Publishers about Mara Li

Mara Lic
Marieke Veringa (1987) has been writing and creating stories from an early age. She wrote her first two complete ‘books' while going through high school; she regularly posted its chapters on the Internet. She often gets her inspiration from all kinds of folktales, legends and myths from all over the world. In her stories, themes such as travel, transformations and a touch of magic regularly play an important role. She studied HBO Theology and lives in Groningen.

This will be Mara Li's first trilogy. Previously published book In Opstand, written by 3 authors  Marieke Veringa (Mara Li), Jen Minkman, Lis Lucassen Impressive. This is how any dystopian story should be.” – –

Now Mara Li comes with her own Dystopian story and then also a trilogy that will definitely be high on my to read list.

The Voice of the Sea  is the first part of  Island in the Mist. This will most likely appear on May 9, 2015, we are eager to read it then!

Are you also curious about the rest of the cover, or do you already have an idea what it looks like, you can visit tomorrow , and Friday the one to the last puzzle piece through and then Saturday is allowed. reviews and roses  putting in the last puzzle piece ooh sooo nice.

We will probably all show the entire cover on Sunday, super fun yeuy!


Steffie and Lieke