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Save costs? Avoid these seven accounting blunders!

How do you prevent the 7 most common accounting blunders? Such a shame… you see your hard-earned money partly going up in smoke. And only because, like many freelancers, you make accounting blunders. Do you want to keep money in your own pocket and save costs? Then avoid these seven accounting blunders and make sure you don't make mistakes. Good luck! In addition to unnecessary accounting errors such as sloppy bookkeeping, errors in invoicing or not using deductions for entrepreneurs, there are plenty of other accounting blunders to mention. Rompslomp spoke about this with financial expert Femke Hogema of Profit First . Femke explains complex financial matters in...

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Do you book your own accounts or outsource your bookkeeping?

As a self-employed person you must keep your administration up to date. You can choose whether you want to do this yourself, for example via Excel or an online accounting program , or whether you outsource the accounting to an accountant. In order to be able to choose whether you will do the accounting yourself or outsource it to an administration office, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options. In the first instance, it is a choice between time and money. When the bookkeeping is outsourced, it costs the entrepreneur more money. On the other hand, it saves time. In addition to time...

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Study costs are deductible: Invest in professional knowledge

What about your New Year's resolutions, one already put into practice? We at Rompslomp do! We want to make online accounting a lot more fun and clearer for all freelancers in the Netherlands. We therefore know better than anyone that you have to keep up with your field and continue to invest in yourself. You are responsible for that yourself. Moreover: study costs are deductible! That is why in this blog five to do's for investing in professional knowledge and personal development. 1. Financing study costs If you really want to follow a paid training, you will have to be able to finance it. A few tips:...

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