What is a partial certificate?

Have you failed or are you missing a course for admission to a study? We explain what a partial certificate is, what the state exam looks like and how you can still be admitted.

The training of your dreams beckons. But now it appears that you do not yet meet the admission requirements… Dream away. Or not? With partial certificates you still get a coveted spot at your favorite college or university. In this article we explain everything you need to know about partial certificates. We also tell you how YakiBooki helps you on your way there.

Access to the study of your dreams

A partial certificate is a separate diploma for a separate subject. You can use such a certificate to still pass your secondary education. Or to supplement your current diploma. For example, if you failed high school in one subject, you can choose to obtain a partial high school certificate. You then only prepare for that specific subject. You do not have to retake the exam in the rest of the courses. That saves you a lot of work. And perhaps this will open the way to your further study in the shorter term.

Obtain partial certificates for pre-university education

You can only obtain partial certificates for pre-university education and havo through the state exam . You can take a state exam if you want to get a secondary education diploma, while you are no longer in a regular school. Or if you want to supplement your diploma. It is organized by DUO. You can take a state exam for all subjects.

If you obtain your full diploma through the state exam, your paper is equivalent to that of a regular high school course. In the state exam you can also choose to take an exam in only one or a few subjects. If you pass such a course, you will receive a partial certificate. And those partial certificates of high school may therefore be the admission ticket to your desired training!

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How does the state exam work

The state exam is held  once a year in several cities. The state exam consists of two parts: a written exam that tests the material of the central exam and an oral exam that is comparable to the school exams in regular education. 

You can prepare for a state exam through self-study, high school education or through a course from YakiBooki. YakiBooki offers for all science subjects such as mathematics a/b, physics, chemistry and biology textbooks PDFs.

State exam or the CCVX entrance exam?

You can register for the state exam if you do not yet have a diploma at the desired level of secondary education and if you have failed your final exam. Or if you already have that, but want to supplement it for admission to a particular study.

Even if you failed only one subject, you can take the state exam. You then only do it for that course and close it (if all goes well) with a partial certificate. Super handy if you don't feel like doing the exam year all over again! Or if you need an extra subject in addition to your diploma to be admitted. A partial certificate that you get through the state exam is different from the testimonial you receive when you pass the CCVX entrance exam . The CCVX entrance exam is an alternative exam that is taken three times a year.

If you want to participate in a CCVX entrance exam, you must already have a diploma at the desired level. You can still complete the courses that you still miss to be admitted to your further education via the CCVX.

Whether it is better for you to go for a partial certificate via the state exam or for the CCVX entrance exam, depends entirely on your situation and the requirements of your study programme.

Well prepared for your exam

As you may know, you can prepare for the state exam through adult secondary education. But did you also know that YakiBooki can get you ready in no time? You will also have the opportunity to prepare one or more courses with us. YakiBooki is specialized in science subjects. We offer courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology that prepare you for obtaining a partial certificate or the CCVX entrance exam. We also offer these beta courses at secondary school level. Everything for your further study!