5 tips for a good business blog

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Are you also looking for a good structure for your business blogs? That you finally have a serious and good structure for all your texts that are online? On your website but also on social media. In this review you will find 5 tips from Susanna Florie from her book: How do you write business blogs? 

1. Hit Shoot: 

It all starts with associating, freewriting, collecting ideas and mind mapping. Pick up a topic you want to write about and are passionate about. Take a pen and paper and write down everything that comes to mind for 10 minutes. Up to about 300 words. Hatch the most important things and distinguish main points from side issues. Then you work it out on the computer. That is the basis of your blog. You can also collect  ideas  in a visual way called mind mapping . For example by drawing circles with words in them.

Then you will determine your target audience: Who is your blog intended for. People who read your blog end up here through a question. Don't have any inspiration? But what is of course also important, how do you address your customers. Because that makes them feel more addressed. And so you have a guarantee of success sooner!

2. Koppie koppie:

What is a good title or headline? Start your blog with a question. That's how Google is set up. And to this question, the visitor comes to you on the website. And is the ranking via Google so that your blog is found well. So very important. But the most important is of course: You write to make contact with your customer and this experience has to be good. An example of a good text header is: 

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The text headlines should be inviting and fit your business textbooks. Then follows the introduction. This consists of at least 100 words and has the aim of explaining what you are going to write about in order to draw the reader into your text. By asking questions you give the reader an incentive to read on. Search engines and Siri save this. So the introduction appears everywhere in the search results.

Common mistakes: 

– Make sure the facts are correct, names and dates must be correct

– For spelling errors check

– For translations: have an experienced translator help you.

3. Under construction:

The structure of your web text  is as follows.

– Determine your target audience

– Understand your target audience

– Write a catchy title or headline

– Use a question as a short introduction

– Give a short, powerful and clear answer to the question

– Use up to 75 words that are written flawlessly

– Create a Call to action

When building a blog, you write sharp texts that continue to excite and that appeal to the imagination in 300 to 500 words. What is a call to action button? That is no different than calling to action. This can be, for example, to request information, or to buy a book or to subscribe to a mailing list.

4. Worldly Wise:

You can share a business blog on social media and slot games. This can be done on many different platforms, each with its own target group. Determine the best medium for your blog. 

Pinterest and Instagram have a lot of images. Pinterest is increasingly used for bloggers and pins remain discoverable for 3 months and are searched for boards that appeal. On Instagram you mainly see storytelling. Your story in pictures. With the right #hastags, your message will be found better. And use your title as text over your image. 
On Facebook you can join groups where your target group can be located. Target group determination is also important in paid advertisements, otherwise you will reach the wrong people. You can ask specific search questions on LinkedIn. Who do you want to get to know and what can other users do for you?

The design of your own website is also very important. You can share a lot of information on the homepage so that Google recognizes the keywords. Handy for an online store. You can also provide short links to other pages with valuable content. 

But of course it starts with that question: How does that stimulus arise that ensures that the reader continues to read.

5. Speaking Right:

What is SEO and how important is it? SEO is Search Engine Optimization in other words. Searchmachine optimalisation. You want to be found and appreciated mainly by your customers and Google. There are all kinds of keyword research websites such as Live keyword analysis, Wordstream, Google keyword tool or Ubersuggest. 

What is the truth? Don't say things that aren't true. Then you are an unreliable source and the gun factor is gone. When you think of Ethos, you show who the expert is in your texts. You know all about this subject and that's how you come across. You use Pathos in texts if you are respectful and understand your target group. Logos appear when your texts show the right knowledge and know-how.

Then you will find a number of valuable exercises in the book that help you write from a different point of view. Or for a completely different target group. And learn to build tension. Or write an elf. I found this surprising myself. 11 words in the structure 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1. Exciting!