Read, learn and play

Reading is good for every child, that goes without saying. But reading and learning at the same time? That's what we are really fans of at BookSpot. We are happy to dispel the idea that learning at home for children is simply not fun. Our weapon? A great range of educational children's books for young and old(er)! Are you reading with us?

In times of corona, education is a challenge. Fortunately, a closed school gate does not have to mean that school development is closed. There are plenty of educational children's books available for that. From reading to playing and – ultimately – learning!

Mathematics and numbers

To help your littlest sprout with his or her first steps in the world of math? For that we look at our friends Woezel and Pip , two adorable puppies who take everyone between the ages of 3 and 6 on a frenzied quest full of addition, recognition and naming of numbers. A fun way to prepare your child for school level.

But your child can also become best buddies (everywhere) with Rik. Learn to count with Rik contains 50 handy cards to teach everyone from 3 years old to count, to get to know numbers and to understand concepts such as ‘the most' and ‘the least'. Wherever your child goes, Rik and his cat are ready. Includes cute illustrations by Liesbet Slegers.

And when the cat (Rik's) is away, the mice dance. Mouse Max has set his sights on teaching children to multiply. Max and the times tables uses recognizable situations and drawings to teach each child the times tables easily and quickly. ‘Look carefully, remember what you see and don't forget the multiple', says Max. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Reading, language and writing

Who learns to read, opens the door to an endless collection of stories and reading pleasure. You can never start too early with learning to read. For that first acquaintance there is Hooray, I am learning to read! A lot of short stories created to help young readers from the very beginning.

Is your child a little older? Then the excellent Grip on Grammar series is a must. Learn to read and write words, okay. But learning to understand grammar rules? That is often a lot more difficult. This series by Anita Ganeri succeeds in conveying the most important language rules clearly through creative use of color, thus laying the foundation for a lifelong reading.

And who likes to play with words? That's why there is Dolfje Weerwolfje – Word Games by the well-known youth author Paul van Loon. A great activity book full of word and sentence games and language puzzles at primary school level. Riddles, ciphers and crossword puzzles are also discussed.

Animals and nature

Now that an educational visit to the zoo is not forthcoming for the time being, the youngest among us can also get acquainted with the animal kingdom at home. Not through National Geographic, but with an old-fashioned textbook.

That's just what Tracking does at the zoo . An exciting story in which young Nina takes pity on the animals she sees at the local zoo. Through cheerful reading stories and beautiful search plates, she gets to know the animals better and discovers how the zoo contributes to the protection of the animals. Nice extra: with the enclosed cardboard flashlight your child can track along with Nina.

If you prefer to search closer to home, such as in the garden or in the park, there is the special insect sticker book (from 6 years) with which every child can discover the wonderful insect world. With more than 900 stickers, this work by Yuval Zommer is a total experience, from collecting the right stickers to sticking them with the appropriate animals.

Puzzle & the clock

Did you know that regular puzzles are great for your brain? It is no different for children. For the best puzzle books, BookSpot is the place to be!

Our recommendations? First and foremost there is In the garden for the little ones. Simple puzzles suitable for the smallest children's hands, including large pieces with rounded corners. A puzzle book designed to stimulate fine motor skills and observation skills.

Do you want to pass on your love for quizzes to your children? Then there's The Big Quiz Book for Kids with over 1000 questions about animals, science, language, nature, sports and much more. Watch out, we are not responsible for the barrage of facts that you will undoubtedly have to undergo as a parent.

Can your child go to the clock already? Clock-reading is a skill that we as adults often take for granted, yet has quite a learning curve for children. For that, let's enjoy watching I practice with the clock to tone down this curve. Forty colorful cards that increase in difficulty. This way everyone becomes a clock-watching champion!