Reading is fleeing

Admittedly, reading novels can be pure escape behaviour. You open a book, your eyes race along the lines and, whoops, you've entered someone else's life. Literature gives you a break from yourself, from your own thoughts, circumstances and beliefs that you gradually know. All things considered, literature is the only art form where you dwell in the inner world of another human being – a fictional human being, but still. Even in a movie you look at the person from a distance, and you are not really inside his head. Very occasionally you can listen to his thoughts in a voice-over, but that's it. I...

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Read, learn and play

Reading is good for every child, that goes without saying. But reading and learning at the same time? That's what we are really fans of at BookSpot. We are happy to dispel the idea that learning at home for children is simply not fun. Our weapon? A great range of educational children's books for young and old(er)! Are you reading with us? In times of corona, education is a challenge. Fortunately, a closed school gate does not have to mean that school development is closed. There are plenty of educational children's books available for that. From reading to playing and – ultimately – learning! Mathematics and numbers To help your littlest...

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