Tips, this is how you study for your chemistry exams

Before you know it, the time has come: the exam period. Spending a few weeks for tough exams and then anxiously waiting to see if you passed. An exciting time! Of course, studying for exams isn't the easiest thing to do , and that's why I've figured out what can make it easier for you . Doesn't matter its biology or chemistry, Good preparation is half the battle, right?  

Make a plan

Perhaps the most important preparation for your exams: making a plan. By making a schedule you ensure that you do not run out of time. As long as you stick to it of course! Start planning on time and check carefully how much time you need per part or subject. The advantage of this is that you immediately know what you need to learn chemistry for your exam. Useful! Also keep in mind in the planning that you need regular breaks. You can't study for a few hours at a time. You need a break of at least 5 minutes per hour , you should also reserve time for that in the planning.

The exam material

Few people are lucky enough to remember everything after reading it once. That's why you have to stamp! To learn the exam material quickly, there are a number of things that can help you. You can of course read the whole book, but that would be a waste of your time. YakiBooki is a good resources for biology, physics and chemistry exams. So really indispensable.

Tip : Buy the ebook not the physical version! This saves you a lot of money, while it is as good as new!

Create summaries

Write, write, write. That's the best thing, because you'll remember a lot more when you write it down. It will cost you a bit more time, but is it your main d . Write down all the important things you need to know for the exam. Then you summarize this and after that all you have to do is read your own summary. The advantage of this is that you write it all down in your own words. You'll remember it better the next time you read it! So, stock up on those notebooks and pens!

Old exams

Make sure you have some old exams that you can practice if you know all the exam material. You then practice with the different questions and you immediately notice which topics still need some attention. Also see if you can find videos with old exams. Then the answers are explained, so you learn a lot from that!

Before you know it, the exam period is over and you can enjoy a wonderfully long holiday. Good luck!