What is Chemistry?

Chemists focus on the smallest particles of the substances concerned: the atoms and molecules. But what does a chemist do and what exactly does chemistry involve? When you think of chemistry, you quickly envision a clinical laboratory setting. People in long white coats bend over steaming glass measuring cups with their oversized goggles. Around them are large machines […]

What is the difference between physics and chemistry?

Lab coats, experiments and complicated calculations… Physics and chemistry have quite a bit in common. Yet they are two completely different subjects. Read more about it in this blog. What is the difference between physics and chemistry? In this blog we take a good look at both subjects. We go deeper into the separate courses and also tell you […]

6 applications with dewatering water

Dewatering water is a versatile product. The applications of dewatering water are not known to everyone. In this blog we explain what you can use the water for. What exactly is dewatering water? Dewatering water consists mainly of water mixed with a small amount of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a relatively mild acid and is also known […]

Cleaning with chlorine; only for pools?

Most people associate the smell of chlorine with a swimming pool. That is not surprising, because chlorine is used in almost all pools. Only you can do a lot more with chlorine. What exactly? I’ll explain that to you later in this blog. What exactly is chlorine? Chlorine is not a naturally occurring free substance. The substance is quite common […]