10 tips for stay at home

We are of course happy to give you endless book tips, but what if you don't feel like opening a book? (Yes, that seems possible.) Or if you've already watched all the movies and series you still wanted to see, and you now want to get off that couch? We list the best tips – besides reading and watching movies.

1. Do all those things you never get around to

Okay I admit, this probably doesn't apply to people with children. They probably have too little time. But do you have some time left, and are you at home a lot? Then finally clear out that wardrobe, stick those photos in an album or paint the ceiling of the bathroom. Also nice: learn something new . Learn about the origins of the universe, discover how to build a website, or finally learn Hebrew or Papiamento. At the same time, don't feel obliged to do useful things. Do you want to hang out on the couch all day with a series or a book? Maybe you just really need that, and that's okay too.

2. Create a puzzle

The whole of the world has rediscovered them a lot in recent weeks: puzzles . Funny puzzles in which you discover something different every time, puzzles with so many pieces that you almost hope that staying at home takes even longer so that you can finish it someday, or puzzles with the most beautiful images: it's all wonderful pastime . With a puzzle you can really clear your head. In addition, this is an ideal activity for now: you can do it on your own, but your family members can also help when they want. That way you won't get bored easily!

3. Meditate

Meditation can help you get peace of mind. You can let go of all those negative news stories (or your children's questions) for a while. The next few minutes are yours. Many apps have free exercises (my personal tip: headspace). Enthusiastic? Combine it with a book that will help you with this.

4. Play a game

Do you have roommates? Then try to make the time as fun as possible by turning off Netflix in the evening, closing your book and playing a game . Add candles and a snack, and before you know it you'll be back for hours. Because when you lose, you want a rematch, right?

5. Do something creative

Unleash your creativity on a ball of wool, an empty piece of paper or whatever you have on hand. Crochet, knit, stitch, paint, draw or get started with glitter: the possibilities are endless. Nice to relax with and clear your head, but also fun with others. Tip: try taking portraits of each other. There is a good chance that they will not all be equally beautiful, but hilarity is guaranteed!