8 Golden tips on how to deal with procrastination

You have started a (part-time) training in good spirits and you are off to a good start. You make a tight and ambitious schedule for yourself and you know how to stick to it in the first few weeks. However, after a few months, motivation starts to fade a bit and assignments are left behind. That will come […]

10 tips to really relax

E-mails, text messages, meetings, demanding clients, erratic colleagues… on an average day a lot can come your way. Not to mention the challenges in your private life. There is only one thing that helps to keep control of all those stimuli: rest. These ten tips will help you with that.  Breathe with attention  Maybe you […]

10 tips for stay at home

We are of course happy to give you endless book tips, but what if you don’t feel like opening a book? (Yes, that seems possible.) Or if you’ve already watched all the movies and series you still wanted to see, and you now want to get off that couch? We list the best tips – besides reading […]