10 tips to really relax

10 tips to really relax

E-mails, text messages, meetings, demanding clients, erratic colleagues… on an average day a lot can come your way. Not to mention the challenges in your private life. There is only one thing that helps to keep control of all those stimuli: rest. These ten tips will help you with that. 

Breathe with attention 

Maybe you think: breathing, that comes naturally, right? That's right. Still, it can't hurt to consciously think about it for a few minutes a day. When you breathe with attention, there is peace and space in your head.    

Leave room for spontaneity 

You have planned your weekend full with fun things, but in the end the best moment is the spontaneous walk in the woods with a friend. Recognizable? Precisely the things that you have not thought of beforehand, often provide ultimate relaxation.   

Sail your own course 

Organizing your life according to other people's expectations takes a lot of energy and is not realistic. Determine for yourself what is really important to you and base your decisions on that . If you do what makes you happy, it takes a lot less of you. In fact, it gives you energy!   

Step on the brake 

Even if you have energy for ten, no one can go on forever. If you do, you will sit in your ‘reserve energy' and it will only take longer to feel fit and vital again. Therefore, regularly apply the brakes, so that your body and mind can recharge.   

Turn off devices 

Your phone, iPad, television, laptop… just turn off all the devices you have. Not getting any incentives at all and not being reachable. It may take some getting used to at first, but it gives you a lot of peace of mind.   

Put your body to work 

Effort creates relaxation. So even if you are tired and prefer to curl up on the couch: put your body to work. Take a walk through the neighborhood, go for a bike ride or take care of the kitchen cupboards. You will see that afterwards you have an empty head and a tired body: ideal conditions for a good night's sleep.   

Find the silence 

The moments of silence in a day can often be counted on one hand. Too bad, because silence can bring so much. It gives you the opportunity to organize your thoughts and release tensions.    

Share your feelings and thoughts 

In your head, something can be mega-sized (and keep getting bigger), while – when you pronounce it – it's often not that bad. When you share your feelings and thoughts with someone you trust, they can help you put things in perspective. Chances are you will feel a lot lighter.   

Dare to miss things 

A birthday party, dinner, drinks or cinema visit is of course great fun, but also dare to say ‘no' once and take it easy for an evening or afternoon. Next time you will be there again (full of energy).   

Don't put pressure on yourself 

If you continuously think that you have to relax now, it actually has the opposite effect. Don't do anything at all for yourself and just do what you feel like. You will see that you will relax the most with that attitude.