Review : ORANA acts of resistance

Over the past few weeks, my reading book Orana acts of resistance has been part one of a diptych. Orana is a young adult, science fiction and war novel. written by Benjamin de Rooij. I gave the book four stars on goodreads. Do you want to know what the book is about and what I think of it? Then read on quickly!! First I have a short description for you.

Due to global warming, large parts of the ice caps have melted. In the chaos, the Netherlands has become the police state of Orana, where the fascist People's Party is firmly in control. Jaco Wansveld is a fighter pilot in training and has his doubts about the stories of the regime. When he gets the chance to join the resistance in neighboring Groot Germania, together with his childhood friend Altera, his whole life changes. With a daring escape plan, he smuggles his fighter plane, Altera and himself across the border, before embarking on a series of attacks in the service of the resistance that will lead to the end of the People's Party.

It took a lot of getting used to the e-reader, I prefer to have paper in my hand. This ensures that it takes me longer to complete a book. Still, I gave the book 4 stars, it's a good book and I'm definitely looking forward to part two. I was pretty good at it in the first chapter. Although one of my first thoughts of uuuh his boys was really that romantic. I will share the first two sentences with you; ” On my back in the grass, next to her. Watching the clouds pass by, the animals and insects, everything that makes the grassy plains so beautiful.” I can't think of a man who likes that. Certainly refreshing if there are men who do like it hihi. While reading I always had (suffered by) an irritating gut feeling it's all going too well, something isn't right, maybe Jaco will be betrayed. That while in my opinion not many very exciting things happen except for some great exciting parts. It wasn't a tension of oh what's happening what's going to happen. More from oh dear Jaco and Altera look out.

Unfortunately I have the e-book so I can only tell you about the cover than only the image that I see black – gray on the reader (here in color). What immediately struck me was a black smudge at the top right, when I looked closer I saw that it was an airplane. Which is very appropriate. Since Jaco is a military pilot in training. My favorite characters are besides of course Jaco and Altera, Ingrid I won't tell you anything about her, you just have to read for yourself what a great woman. Then you have the resistance leader Joris as Jaco describes him, a mail liter who switches to civilian in no time, that's how you really read it. At the end of the book there is a short woman named Johanna, although she appears briefly in the book she is certainly very important. The story she tells wow really very intense, I have to confess that after reading her story I really lay awake for a while and even shed some tears, I usually read just before I go to sleep. My advice is as soon as you start reading her story, this is very well indicated in the book, don't read it right before going to sleep!! Are you going to read the book too? And I definitely recommend that if you like resistance stories / war stories!