Review : The voice of the sea! – spoiler free

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ – This great book written by Mara Li. This Distopy could also be a history book. I gave it 4 stars at goodreads! Read on for my review soon!First for you the blurb text! I was born in the sea. On the night Mama was due to give birth, the waves rolled like giants to the beach and my […]

Review : ORANA acts of resistance

Over the past few weeks, my reading book Orana acts of resistance has been part one of a diptych. Orana is a young adult, science fiction and war novel. written by Benjamin de Rooij. I gave the book four stars on goodreads. Do you want to know what the book is about and what I think of it? Then read […]