Review : The voice of the sea! – spoiler free

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - This great book written by Mara Li. This Distopy could also be a history book. I gave it 4 stars at goodreads! Read on for my review soon!First for you the blurb text! I was born in the sea. On the night Mama was due to give birth, the waves rolled like giants to the beach and my mother screeched like seagulls. She cried out for the sea until my father complied and carried her toiling body out in his arms. There she lay in a white dress on her back in the mud, her legs wide in the surf. The waves pulled me out. Before my...

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Review : ORANA acts of resistance

Over the past few weeks, my reading book Orana acts of resistance has been part one of a diptych. Orana is a young adult, science fiction and war novel. written by Benjamin de Rooij. I gave the book four stars on goodreads. Do you want to know what the book is about and what I think of it? Then read on quickly!! First I have a short description for you. Due to global warming, large parts of the ice caps have melted. In the chaos, the Netherlands has become the police state of Orana, where the fascist People's Party is firmly in control. Jaco Wansveld is a fighter...

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