Review : The voice of the sea! – spoiler free

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ –

This great book written by Mara Li. This Distopy could also be a history book. I gave it 4 stars at goodreads! Read on for my review soon!First for you the blurb text!

I was born in the sea. On the night Mama was due to give birth, the waves rolled like giants to the beach and my mother screeched like seagulls. She cried out for the sea until my father complied and carried her toiling body out in his arms. There she lay in a white dress on her back in the mud, her legs wide in the surf. The waves pulled me out. Before my father could grab me, I had already been introduced to the salty water.' Nimue only knows her mother from stories. After a devastating storm, she decides to look for her with her brother Arthur. During their journey, they discover that their family history has led to a battle against a disease that seems to wipe out humanity. Will they find their mother? Can they take on their ruthless uncle? And what role does their lineage give to Arthur and Nimue themselves?

A few months ago I was allowed to participate in the cover reveal of this great book . When I saw our puzzle piece I was already sure I wanted to read this book. How a young woman stands on stones overlooking a sea of ​​mist! I think the young woman is Nimue or her mother Rona!

The story is really beautifully written and I was soon into it! This book can be set in the future as well as in a distant past. How Mara Li describes the area is beautiful. and even though I read this book while it was nice and warm outside, I still got freezing cold and wanted to read under a warm blanket! Unfortunately I only had a lot of trouble with Rona's diary entries, besides the fact that they were a lot of pieces, they were also printed in italics. With dyslexia I suffer from that, and it took me a long time to write those pieces. Despite that, I was fond of those pieces. And gave it a nice look at a very dark past!
As soon as Nimue and Arthur start their journey you soon notice that they will quickly find their way to their final destination. At first I found it very easy that way. Yet it is a very nice and beautiful form of tracking! If you want to know what I mean, you will read this book yourself!

One of my favorite characters is Yannick, Nimue's best friend. Yannick is studying to become a medical caretaker. Nimue also wants to study this, but she needs to study to become a healer.
Another favorite is Jodoc , a farmer who gives Nimue and Arthur a place for the night and even offers to spend the winter there!

As the last character, Nimue and Arthur's uncle stands out not because he's a favorite but because he's so mysterious to me. Who exactly is Benji and what is he doing is it good? or in and in bad?

I won't reveal anything else about the book! Go read it and find out what this book has to say!
Personally, I really enjoyed the book and can't wait for part 2!

And are you going to read it? Or are you also waiting for part 2?