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5 tips for a good business blog

Follow my blog with BloglovinAre you also looking for a good structure for your business blogs? That you finally have a serious and good structure for all your texts that are online? On your website but also on social media. In this review you will find 5 tips from Susanna Florie from her book: How do you write business blogs?  1. Hit Shoot:  It all starts with associating, freewriting, collecting ideas and mind mapping. Pick up a topic you want to write about and are passionate about. Take a pen and paper and write down everything that comes to mind for 10 minutes. Up to about...

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10 tips for starting entrepreneurs


This year again many Dutch people are ready to realize their entrepreneurial dream. During last Saturday's Chamber of Commerce starters day, starters could go to eight different places in the Netherlands with all their questions as a brand new entrepreneur. It is certain that a lot is coming their way; for example, in 2017 quite a few things will change for the self-employed. Online accounting platform Rompslomp provides ten most important developments and tips to get off to a flying start as an entrepreneur. 1. The Model Agreement You Knew Was Coming The much-discussed and controversial model agreement is really going into effect. The...

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